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Automatic 128000 Miles


The Civic hybrid, based on the seventh generation Civic, was first introduced to the Japanese market in December 2001. Honda claimed it was the most fuel efficient 5-passenger gasoline-powered production vehicle in the world at the time. It was introduced to the U.S. in spring 2002 as a 2003 model. It is the first hybrid […]



Automatic 145000 Miles


The Crown Victoria shared the Ford Panther platform & nbsp;and major powertrain and suspension components with the Lincoln Town Car and&nbspMercury Grand Marquis. Along with its rebadged Mercury and Lincoln variants, the Crown Victoria was the final full-frame rear-wheel-drive passenger sedan produced in North America. The durability associated with its layout popularized the use of […]


Trailblazer LT

Automatic 160000 Miles


The Century was redesigned for the last time in 1997. The four-door sedan was the only body style offered (the station wagon was dropped due to decreasing sales), and was still a front wheel drive V6-powered configuration. Plainer “Custom” and fancier “Limited” trim levels were carried over from the previous generation. The 1997 redesign moved […]



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The GMT800 Silverado/Sierra 1500 and 2500 (non HD) (light pickup trucks) were released in 1998 as 1999 models. The “classic” light-duty GMT400 C/K trucks were continued in production for that first year alongside the new models, and the Heavy-Duty GMT400 pickups (alongside the GMT400 SUVs) were continued through 2000, with the new GMT800 Silverado/Sierra HD […]

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